Website Reviewed: Woodworking4Home


Okay, here is the skinny on Woodworking4home in our Woodworking4home Review.

Woodworking4home Review

First, Woodworking4home Review found Woodworking4home has tons of wood plans.  Probably 14,000 yes but not 100% for sure because it would take forever to count them.  Are they top quality?  Some, not all.  Some are bad while others are extremely good.  What’s one man treasure is another mans junk and vice-versa.  What you get from woodworking4home is 14,000 copyrighted plans in one location for an extremely low price.

  • Benefit #1- Time Saver (You will be saving yourself a lot of time searching for plans on the internet)
  • Benefit #2-Rock bottom price (Thousands of wood plans for pennies on the dollar)

Woodworking4home claims to have 14,000 woodworking plans.  The question we asked ourselves for our Woodworking4home Review…. is it a good wood plans website or is it a scam?

Woodworking4home Review can attest, Woodworking4home is legitimate and on the up and up.  Normally when reviewing a site like woodworking4home, we like to check out every plan, and explore everything it has to offer, but that just wasn’t possible for this Woodworking4home Review.

The author, John Metz, states there are 14,000 plans.  We haven’t counted them all but we will take John’s word for it.  We started to count and gave up.

Click here after reading this Woodworking4home Review to get your hands on the 14,000 wood plans

There are just too many plans, and too many different options to be able to fully review each plan in a realistic time frame. This is of course a great thing for the woodworker, as there’s a near limitless amount of woodworking plans and projects available as our Woodworking4home Review found out.

Woodworking4home costs a meager $49.  Woodworking4home offers a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t like what you purchased, however take it from us it is well worth the money.  If you do the math you are looking at less than 1 cent per plan. To us that is a bargain.

Upon joining you have access to a vast amount of woodworking plans and projects.  You will also have access to woodworking tips and tricks and woodworking videos.

For the $49 you become a member of his site and you can return as many times as you need to download plans and projects.  John will even send you a DVD with all the plans on it, if that is what you prefer.  Plans on other websites have to be paid for separately and each costs way more than what you pay at woodworking4home.   Last time we looked, John states he has 3,800 plus members, including us, already signed up.

In our Woodworking4home Review we did a search for table plans just to see how many are available.  It was well over a hundred easily.  We looked for shed plans.  There are well over fifty.

In all, you get a vast assortment of wood plans to choose from to suit your needs– pretty much whatever you are looking for.  It would be very hard not to find a plan you are searching for on John’s site.

When you purchase and become a member of woodworking4home in a nutshell this is what you would be receiving

  • 14,000 wood plans and wood projects you can immediately download (membership-one time fee)
  • The wood plans are of good quality
  • Woodworking4home provides free updates
  • You will receive free bonuses-you’ll have to join to find out
  • You have at your fingertips a full assortment and variety of projects or they can send a dvd with the plans on it
  • These wood plans have been proven
  • There are plans suitable for all ability levels–beginners to advanced
  • To us, $49.00 is cost effective compared to other site plans costing as much as 15, 20, or 30 dollars per plan
  • Finally, it has a 100% money back guarantee–you can’t lose!!

In conclusion, Woodworking4home Review thinks woodworking fans are in for a real treat when you sign up for Woodworking4home.

Woodworking4home Review can state unequivocally there are a vast assortment of woodworking plans and projects available and easily accessible; ready to download and use on your next project!

We walked away from our Woodworking4home Review incredibly impressed by the package John has to offer.  Woodworking4home’s woodworking plans are simply hard to beat.

Click here after reading this Woodworking4home Review to get your hands on the 14,000 wood plans